Aurelien Stireg - Please Don't Break The Groove

ref : YBR038
14 September 2020

We got something very, very nice for you. Aurelien Stireg worked of a track called 'Please Don't Break The Groove' that comes around with three dope remixes! this track is a true tech-house banger with its organically grooving drums, a thrilling and exhilarating bassline as well as epic and catchy theme.

Christian Desnoyers picks the theme up and makes it even more atmospheric and uplifting with some perfectly arranged strings and an irresistable charme.

Let's shift up a gear with Sexgadget remix which is an impressive sound conglomerate that has an incredible drive and 'roll-your-sleeves-up' mentality.

Ryno plays it cool and let's the music do the talking. His super laid-back interpretation grooves and break like hell and is another wonderful addition to this massive remix bundle.

Guess it's time to give each of this pearl a proper listen.