Yuna Beats Records

Yuna Beats Records is a label based in Belgium since 2016 that has a reputation of great quality dance music.

The phoenix rises from the ashes and brings warmth and energy of a world with beautiful Waves.

We have decided to invest our passion and talent in order to create … Its finest Trance, Trap, Techno, Progressive House, Deep House, Indie Dance and Tech House base labels for vibration of love music. Don’t hesitate to send us your demo, it will be a pleasure to hear you.

Demos: (soundcloud link 320kbps)

We are also available on Label Radar

Only : Techno, Trance, Vocal House, Future House, Progressive House, Dance, Trap

Audio track mastering

We can apply professional mastering to all genres of electronic dance music

Audio track mastering

Digital music distribution

We publish in larger platform : Beatport, Traxsource, Itunes, Dj tunes, etc ...


We publish only the Future House, Trance, Trap, Progressive House, Techno, Hard Style

Discover our releases

Aurelien Stireg - Please Don't Break The Groove

Please Don't Break The Groove

We got something very, very nice for you. Aurelien Stireg worked of a track called 'Please Don't Break The Groove' that comes around with…

Ryno - Build It Up

Build It Up

Ryan Rauert Also Know As Ryno Brings To You Ryno - Build It Up : A Powerful House Track With A Groovin' Bassline Accompanied By A Bright Key…

Aurelien Stireg - Darkside


DARSIDE, is a mesmerising instrumental concoction, which flaunts AURELIEN STIREG's capabilities as a musician. DARKSIDE is a powerful track…

Washington Michelan Feat. Fabricio Ruiz - Look Around

Look Around

look around is a song that talks about someone who is looking for a new love to enjoy together the happy moments that companionship provides.

Karo V - Equals

Equals EP

Karo V. presents 'Equals EP' on Yuna Beats Records. An atmospheric Deep House production with clean bass lines, driving grooves and high…

Ryno - In My Bones

In My Bones

Ryan Rauert aka Ryno presents 'In My Bones' on Yuna Beats Records a nice House production with a clean bass line and a driving groove but with…