Deep House

Early house songs had a very definitive sound, heavily influenced from euro synth and disco music. As house music started to grow in popularity it started to find new styles and variations and has been fracturing into new sub-genres ever since.

The style of house that eventually became known as deep house was a lower bpm, more soulful and often included a gospel inspired vocal or jazz sample.

The sound of deep house initially was a very American sound coming from Chicago and New York. In the early to mid 90s with the explosion of UK club culture, many UK producers started putting out exceptional deep house tracks as well.


Aurelien Stireg - Damnation


AURELIEN STIREG unveils his one track DAMNATION, further demonstrating his pure and limitless talents as one of the most credible producers in…

Dmix - Future Chill EP

Future Chill EP

DMIX offers this EP, an exceptional track with three tracks, a tantalizing mix of deep house and Future House, this EP gives you a real taste…

Aurelien Stireg - Please Don't Break The Groove

Please Don't Break The Groove

We got something very, very nice for you. Aurelien Stireg worked of a track called 'Please Don't Break The Groove' that comes around with…

Aurelien Stireg - By Your Side (Remix)

By Your Side

In his latest masterful production, Belgium Deep House and Pop House music sensation AURELIEN STIREG unveils his one-track BY YOUR SIDE,…

Aurelien Stireg - Dark Sitar EP

Dark Sitar EP

The title track, DARK SITAR, is a mesmerising instrumental concoction, which flaunts AURELIEN STIREG's capabilities as a musician.

Ecclésias - Retro Move

Retro Move

Ecclesias presents his first single on Yuna Beats Records called 'Retro Move' a nice Deep House production with a groovy bass line and a…

Ryno - In My Bones

In My Bones

Ryan Rauert aka Ryno presents 'In My Bones' on Yuna Beats Records a nice House production with a clean bass line and a driving groove but with…

Karo V - Equals

Equals EP

Karo V. presents 'Equals EP' on Yuna Beats Records. An atmospheric Deep House production with clean bass lines, driving grooves and high…

Washington Michelan Feat. Fabricio Ruiz - Look Around

Look Around

look around is a song that talks about someone who is looking for a new love to enjoy together the happy moments that companionship provides.

Ryno - Build It Up

Build It Up

Ryan Rauert Also Know As Ryno Brings To You Ryno - Build It Up : A Powerful House Track With A Groovin' Bassline Accompanied By A Bright Key…